Stephanie Kline

Bestselling Author Stephanie Kline has written hundreds of chart topping novels for her array of private clients. She is the author of the best selling book Ella & LA, best selling series The Frosted Realms, collaborator for the Void Beast and Denise short stories and comic books, and co-author of the fantasy series War of the Realms. She also owns, operates, and manages the writing firm Top Rated Ghostwriters, and publishing firm, Clever Girl Writing, LLC.

Stephanie has an MBA in Sustainability, a BTM with a concentration in Project Management, and an Associates of Fine Arts.

When she's not writing, managing, or speaking, Stephanie spends her free time with her son, an aspiring musician and artist, her husband, her four dogs, and the young writers she mentors throughout the year. If there is any time left where she isn't passed out at her computer desk drooling on her dog, she enjoys attending Comic-Cons and Book Conventions where she often can be found leading panel discussions on Women in Writing, a fun but telling look into the world of writing for both women in the business, and girls with aspirations for it.


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YA Fantasy With A Kick of Humor and a Flare for Drama.

Frosted Realm Series Prequel Final Cover


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Spoken Word

Stephanie Kline

★ A YA Fantasy Fiction Novella ★
Prequel to The Frosted Realms Book 1: Discover

Read the prequel to the new series by International Best-Selling Author Stephanie Kline. A fantastical journey into realms beyond realms, and one spicy teen's journey to find the answers.

Between the faces in the ice and the voices in the wind...I'm starting to think I'm losing it.

★Or will it twist my world until there's nothing left? ★

Stephanie Kline

★ A YA Fantasy Fiction Adventure ★

Book 1 of the Frosted Realms Series

Between the faces in the ice and the Fae, my life has become something from the pages of a fairy tale... a very dark fairy tale.

What happens when I find myself in a place between worlds, facing a fantastical reality I never knew existed?

What happens when, at the very center of that world, a journey that will decide the fate of the faces in the ice, and a place I never knew as home, rests on my shoulders?

Stephanie Kline

★ A YA Fantasy Fiction Adventure ★

Book II of the Frosted Realms Series

I've gone from a timid shut-in to the only hope for an entire realm of beings, and all at the swift tear of time and space. Great. This should definitely be interesting.

After plummeting into a world unknown, breaking the barriers of time and space itself, Clara and Ethan found themselves standing before the ruling force of the realm, and a secret Clara never saw coming.

★ When the fate of the world rests within the fate of an outcast, is it possible to see what can be instead of what's always been? ★