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About Clever Girl

Clever Girl Writing was created during a time of desperation for owner, author, ghostwriter, Stephanie Kline.

After years of low paying gigs, 18 hour days, months without days off, and just pure frustration with the publishing world, she had enough. With the superior brain power of her best friend, Rebecca Travis, the two put their heads together trying to create a company that looked out for the writer as much as the client.

The Upwork, Fiverr cycle was too much to bear. So, originally, Clever Girl was a little of everything. A ghostwriting firm, a publishing house, a non-profit, and a design headquarters.

After the launch of Clever Girl, with no marketing other than word of mouth, Clever Girl became a success, so much so that they had to bring on another writer, but it was a lot. Stephanie struggled to keep her full client roster, write her own books, and oh yeah...sleep.

During one of her more stressful moments, plagued by 36 hours of straight work, 72 cups of least...and a desperation for something to give, a friend gave it to her straight.

Stephanie realized that she had created something inclusive, strong, and something people wanted to be a part of. In the meantime, though, she lost a part of herself. So...Top Rated Ghostwriters was launched, a subsidiary writing firm. This left Clever Girl to its original be a bad ass publishing house.

Here at Clever Girl, we strive to give the best opportunities to both budding authors and veterans alike. We want fair contracts, creative freedom, and a family atmosphere. With the creation of Clever Girl Charities, we have been able to reach out to women in literature, and children in the arts in ways we always dreamed of.

So, welcome to Clever Girl. We have amazing authors under our wings, and a world of literature to set straight. The romance of a good book will never be lost.